Supply Chain & Logistics

Top Exporter in the U.S.

For nearly a decade, Texas has been a leader in national exports. The state’s robust transportation and logistical infrastructure and strategic location in the center of North America provide businesses with a unique combination of direct access to global trade and the opportunity to easily reach customers worldwide. With 11 deepwater ports, 28 Mexico border crossings, 27 commercial airports, and the most miles of public roadways, state highways, and freight railways in the country, Texas gives companies the ability to quickly move their products across the state, the continent, and the world.

Expediting the Movement of Goods

$279.3 Billion Valued in exports in 2020 with 93% of 40k Texas exporters accounted by small business
33 Foreign Trade Zones, making it the leader in FTX and expediting international trade
#1 Inland Port, Port Laredo, is exporting $99 billion in goods in 2021