Our Way of Life

It Ain't Bragging if it's True

Few states rival what Texas and our communities bring to the table for employers and their ability to attract talent, which is why Texas continues to be ranked as the best state for business as well as talent attraction.

Texans are known for being hard workers and for knowing how to relax after a job well done. Others have taken notice, which is a large factor in the continuing talent relocation to Texas from other U.S. cities.

Work and Life Balanced

For years people have flocked to the Lone Star State in search of a more cost-effective location to live, job opportunities, and a better quality of life.

Texas boasts low taxes, including no personal income tax, and low-cost housing options in urban and rural areas.

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Kick back & kick off those boots
Texans take recreation and food seriously. From BBQ and Tex-Mex, to our wines, spirits and beers, everyone can find their next obsession in the Lone Star State.
State Parks
Miles of rivers and streams
miles of coastline
Working ranches